July 11, 2024

Tidos Framework is an open source toolkit that performs all major web application tests, such as: B. Enlightenment, scanning, enumeration, and vulnerability analysis.

All tasks are performed in phases with the integrated modules. The total number of modules exceeds 100, most of which are used for recognition and vulnerability assessments.

Here is what the Tidos framework consists of:

A comprehensive and versatile framework that covers everything from education to vulnerability analysis.
Has 5 main phases, divided into 14 sub-phases with a total of 108 modules.
The illumination phase has 50 clean modules (including active and passive education, information disclosure modules).
The analysis and enumeration phase consists of 16 modules (including port analysis, WAF analysis, etc.).
The Vulnerability Analysis Phase consists of 37 modules (including the most common vulnerabilities in action).
Exploits Castle has only one feat. (purely development policy)
And finally, Auxillaries has 4 modules. more in development
The four phases each have an auto-awesome module that automates each module for you.
You just need the domain and leave everything to this tool.
TIDoS provides comprehensive support so you know what’s going on.

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